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Pete Seeger, more than any other person, reminded America of its singing musical resources and traditions. He did so in many ways—as a scholar, as a performer, as one of the most recorded musicians in American history. But mainly, he did so in reminding audiences that they knew how to sing and how to sing together. He formed impromptu musical choruses wherever he sang.

The author and editor of 10 books, writer of countless columns and articles, and featured artist on 150 records and CD’s, he leaves behind him a substantial body of work. His was not the first make-America-musical movement, but it was the most democratic.

What follows is a collection, unedited, of reminiscences of individuals about Pete Seeger. Some have come from printed sources and are links; most are individual testimonies of people to whom Pete Seeger has been important. Recollection is not limited by nationality. People from across the world who have heard Seeger’s music or been inspired by his work have been included here.

Remembering Pete Seeger will be a place where musicians, the public, students, and journalists can find information and inspiration from and about Pete Seeger. It is curated byDavid K. Dunaway, biographer and discographer of Mr. Seeger, and producer of a national 3-hour radio series on his life and times.

You can submit your own memories, encounters with, letters to, and thoughts about Pete Seeger here.