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 David K. Dunaway, Ph.D,


Email: dunaway@unm.edu

David Dunaway has been documenting Pete Seeger’s music for 35 years since he grew up with Pete Seeger’s music. He is a professor and author whose works take up folklore and history. You can visit David’s personal page here. The site www.peteseeger.org is a gateway to Seeger’s discographybiography and includes a sampler of a national radio series on the man.

“I don’t know when I first met Pete Seeger; it was before I could walk. He taught with my mother in summer camps and schools and somehow he was just always around. When I turned 25, I decided that one of the most significant parts of my youth was the perpetual resistance Pete Seeger led against the repression and undeclared civil war against America’s liberals. I foresaw a day when Pete would no longer be with us, and I just could not let pass the opportunity to document his extraordinary life and work. It took me 5 and a half years to write “How Can I Keep from Singing,” and two years to revise and re-publish it in 2008, two more years to write and direct a three-hour series on his life and times and another two years, with really helpful graduate assistants, to complete a Pete Seeger discography. This is an extraordinary amount of time to devote to an individual; but if you’re reading this you’d probably agree that Seeger, and what he represented to many, was worth it.”


Heather McCloskey

Heather Jean McCloskey

Web Strategist

Email: heather.j.mccloskey@gmail.com  Twitter: @kgoheather 

After graduating from San Francisco State University’s Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department with an emphasis in Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism, Heather found  herself longing for more time in academia and became a graduate assistant for Dr. Dunaway. When he first proposed the project she was ecstatic; while she admits her knowledge of Seeger’s life and times will never be as extensive as Dunaway’s, she has a deep appreciation for the man’s art and is enjoying immersing myself in others’ memories and thoughts of the late singer. When she’s not working with Dunaway at San Francisco State University, she’s producing KGO Radio‘s business and technology news show, “After The Bell”, researching business school or enjoying some time outdoors.



Alexander Wilson

Web Producer

Email: awilso94@unm.edu

Alexander Kenneth Wilson studies Digital Media at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, as a member of the  the IFDM (Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media) program, he enjoys producing and collaborating on films, music, video games, art, or any combination of these.  He specializes in audio recording, editing, and mastering, but also specializes in web design and postproduction / animation. He has been working  at Dunaway Productions since September 2013.



Jennifer Buntjer


Email: jbuntjer@unm.edu

Jennifer Buntjer is a Ph.D student at the University of New Mexico, Department of Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies. Her research interests are Family Literacy Studies with an arts-informed practice using Visual Literacy, Visual Anthropology, Sensory Ethnography, and Documentary Studies. She is the Editor of the rememberingpeteseeger.org Project.



 Melissa Louise Auh


   Email: jbuntjer@unm.edu

 Auh is a Political Science and Integrative Studies student at the University of New Mexico. She served the UNM community as the Assistant Director of Emerging Lobo Leaders and as a New Student Orientation Leader. Melissa is working towards becoming an elementary school teacher and advocate for positive change in the Albuquerque Public School system.

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