Pete Rocks Gammage

Pete Seeger’s voice resonated through my head from age 5, by way of records and the occasional radio broadcast. I grew up adoring his unique musical story telling.
Years later, just before starting my Freshman year at Arizona State University I saw a playbill for Pete at Grady Gammage in the summer of 1978. As a poor Theatre Student it took skipping meals for two days to afford even a student rate ticket. But, I would NOT be deterred – not for this man.
Pete captivated the audience the evening I watched him, and the techies that worked that grand venue later told me he “rocked” the house like no other act they had ever seen there.
Pete Seeger was no mere entertainer or musician. He was a generous, genuine man, with a grateful heart. Pete often said that he “was the luckiest musician in the world”. We were damned lucky to have felt his presence that night, and my life has been and remains enriched by the spirit of Pete Seeger.
During a lifetime on and around the stage I have met and seen lots of ‘talent’, and I am here to tell all who will listen that there was never a more real performer than that of Pete Seeger. Pete was never anything other than Pete. He was the real thing, and I love him.
Once again I shamelessly borrow the fine words of J.M. Barrie to wish Pete a late farewell, hoping that his journey departed from us is a good one, over there toward the “second star to the right, and straight on till morning”. Pete’s star will always shine brightly.

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