Singing Now Like Never Before

Singing Now Like Never Before

I thought Pete would live longer, but seeing him hobbling around amidst Occupy Wall Street, and knowing he was missing Toshi, I was inspired to pick up the guitar again. So I was singing during Occupy Seattle, and now after Pete’s gone, I find I’m singing like never before.

It’s a bit fearful to lead singing, but I have my ideas about how to do it, and most of them I realize come from Pete. Sing OUT, he’d say. And don’t worry if it’s not the same note as your neighbor–that’s Harmony! Well, laughter is one way to get breathing together audible–and that’s con-spiracy, I say.

Here’s information515 reading 036 for some public sings I’ve been doing. Maybe it’ll IN-spire YOU to use your local library or friendly religious institutions for getting together to sing some songs worthy of Pete: ones he wrote, ones he sang (over 1000), or ones he’d love singing with us if he were here with us. At our Northwest FolkLife Festival on Memorial weekend, I’ll be doing something like this, also. I’m calling it WHAT WOULD PETE SEEGER SING!:

“SING Like Pete Liked!”
A Fitting Tribute to the Life and Songs of Pete Seeger

“They say that humankind won’t long endure,
but what makes them feel
so doggone sure… *
Saturday April 4th, 2015
Room open at 2pm. 2:22pm start. 2 hours.
Greenlake Library
(Downstairs Meeting Room),
7364 E. Greenlake Dr. N. 98115
Public and Free.
The sixth in a series of public Pete Seeger-inspired
“sing-outs” led by Rick Harlan (

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