"A social duty Seeger was ready to accept."

“A social duty Seeger was ready to accept.”

The following is an excerpt from David King Dunaway’s book, “How Can I Keep From Singing?: The Ballad of Pete Seeger.”   “MY ANCESTORS came to this country because they didn’t want to answer questions put to them by the then un-English committees. One of them, Elder Brewster, was on the Mayflower with Gover­nor Bradford, one of the leaders of the Plymouth Colony.’ His descendants that came my way were staunch upholders of inde­pendence among the colonists. Not one was a royalist.” Seeger’s Puritan ancestors inhabited a world of callings and righteousness and moral uprightness, of Good Works to edify their brethren. Part of this doctrine was to bear witness, to oppose that “oppression which the Lord groaneth under,” and to condemn pride, worldliness, and want of truth. It was a social duty Seeger was ready to accept.

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